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Push-back pallet racking is an ideal choice for reducing the time it takes to load and unload stock. Its main advantage: the pallets can be accessed quickly at all times.
When loading, the pallet is pushed towards the bottom with those already in place on the runners. The opposite occurs when unloading: the pallets slide to the side accessible to the forklift trucks.
This system allows you to manage your inventory on a last in-first out basis.

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Warehouse Racking / Push Back

With lots more storage space than conventional systems, greater selection ease compared to our Drive-In units and higher productivity in picking and handling operations, what more could you want? One of the best warehouse racking systems for your business.


  • More spacious storage space compared to conventional systems
  • Higher number of pallets that can be easily chosen
  • Improved inventory management productivity and efficiency since each row is independent
  • Optimized logistics