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Our cold roll rack system, also called roll forming, is widely used. Conventional storage offers a great level of flexibility. It’s an easy, quick and safe solution that is often used to store various types of products.
The layout of our slats and beams has been specially designed to be adapted and to meet your needs. The pallets can be accessed at any time, without needing to move the merchandise.
Each and every detail is taken into consideration to guarantee you an excellent cost-quality ratio.

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Pallet Racking / Conventional

This very popular system of pallet racking provides versatile inventory management at a very affordable price. The design of our uprights and beams provides a SIMPLE, FAST and SAFE solution for your standard warehousing needs.



  • Minimal initial investment
  • Design adapted to your space
  • Easy and efficient solution
  • Access your pallets at any time
  • Most afford storage system around